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28 Sep 2016 | Capitas News Brief

The Fall

UK businesses appear in decent shape. Turnover is up as are Corporation Tax receipts. Yet sterling has lost roughly one-tenth of its value since June and that’s raising input costs and squeezing profits.…

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20 Sep 2016 | Capitas News Brief

It’s jobs, stupid

The biggest factor supporting the UK’s recent relative economic strength is jobs. The proportion of the working-age population in work is the highest ever recorded. Jobs will largely shape the outlook…

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12 Sep 2016 | Capitas News Brief

Mind The Gap

A decent month for trade and a decent year for industry still leave gaps in both. The trade deficit remains at near-record levels while industrial output is 7% lower than it was a decade ago. The first…

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6 Sep 2016 | Capitas News Brief

The Solitary Shoe

Those waiting for the post-vote shoe to drop will be disappointed. On most measures either the initial ‘Brexit’ shock has been reversed or it never happened. So much depends on jobs – their availability…

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